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Selfie Stick only zooms

If you have a selfie stick that only zooms when you press the camera button then there is an easy fix you can make to get your selfie stick up and running.  You will need to make one change to your phone settings to get the zoom option gone and the camera shutter turned on.  In this video I show you the simple changes needed.


Android File Transfer Fix

Is your Mac mouse and keyboard locking up or freezing after you plug in an external device? This could be caused by the Android File Transfer Program. If this is you then you are in luck! EASY FIX!

I have a mac computer and an Android phone. Often times I want to connect my phone to the Mac to get some video or pictures off so I use the Android File Transfer Program. This works well and seems to be the best program for the job. There is one catch though. … It will lock up the computer!


Now the phone does not lock up the computer most of the time but after the Android File Transfer program has been used and an external device has been plugged in total loss of keyboard and mouse function occurs.Watch this simple video to see the steps you need to make this issue stop.

Now remember that you have to take these steps every time you use the Android file transfer program.

If the video did not make since then lets go over the steps here:

  1. Unplug your phone and close the Android File Transfer Program.
  2. Go to the applications folder and open the Utilities folder.
  3. Open Activity Monitor program.
  4. Look for Android File Transfer program.
  5. Select the program and press the red “Quit Process” button.
  6. Press stop.
  7. Close Activity Monitor. You are done.